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Big Boy Pete and the Offbeats skiffle group

2010 .22 Records CD

01 Do The Moony
02 Fishin
03 When Lonnie was King
04 Hemsby Gap
05 Last Train from Lowestoft
06 S.H.I.T.E. for Brains

07 The Ballad of Ada Woe
08 A. D.'s Axe
09 The Life of Riley
10 Let's Make it One in a Row
11 Rum Do
12 Be Better - More Room

All tracks engineered and produced by Pete Miller at his Union Street and Ocean Beach studios in San Francisco betwen 1996-2010.

All songs written by Peter Miller and Michael Watson
Published by Sheena Music (BMI)

On Sale at all good fisn 'n chip shops (and some pubs)

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to listen to some of the tunes


Guitar & Banjo - Pete Miller
Washboard - Luke Watson
Upright bass - Dave Wilson

Special guests:

Harvey Platt - Fender bass
Big Lou - Accordion

This project was conceived beneath a starry midnight sky in the middle of a cornfield, about one mile North of the village of Pulham Market in 1996.

This album is dedicated to everyone who danced at The Chantry.



"Twist and Shake Magazine" August 2010

Before there was Elvis, and we’re talking about Elvis Presley of course, there was nothing but Ovaltine. Oh, and skiffle music. For a brief moment, in the mid-fifties to be exact, the music met with considerable success in England. The music may not have had a very long lifespan and was basically thought of as a novelty, but it’s influence, particularly across the pond, can no way be denied. Pete Miller (aka Big Boy Pete) was one such youngster smitten with skiffle music. Like countless teen combos toiling the British soil, Pete’s first band, The Offbeats, performed a selection of skiffle numbers in their sets. In 1996, the original members of The Offbeats, which also feature Luke and Dave,  reunited after nearly forty years, and recorded an album of brand new skiffle songs. If you have no clue what skiffle music sounds like, this here disc, “Winklepickin” is a shining example of the decidedly obscure genre. Strummy folk guitars mingle in flawless unison with the deep bark of an upright bass and the frantic plucking of a washboard. Economical, clever, festive and punchy, that’s what skiffle music is. The jolly, hyperactive vocals match the goofy prose, which take in the plight of a brain dead computer geek to doing the moony to a loose as a goose girl named Ada Woe who had the aroma of a plate of fish of chips and collided with a pizza truck and got rhubarb up her bum. A wise decision it was for The Offbeats to include the lyrics with the record. You’ll be laughing out loud while reading these witty words! Tributes to Teddy Boys and the father of skiffle music, Lonnie Donegan, further grace the disc. Easy to sing along with, tap your toes to and wiggle your fanny to, “Winklepickin” is offbeat (pun intended) enough to spark a serious skiffle revival!

"Eastern Evening News" (U.K.) August 2010

What stood out for me last week was a very unexpected item that landed on my desk, a new release from Big Boy Pete and the Offbeats skiffle group. Norwich born Peter Miller, aka Big Boy Pete, is often credited as the grandfather of Psychedelia with his 1966 release Cold Turkey, although you could see the roots of this in his 1965 Columbia B-side outing Girl With The Castle.

Cult figure Pete, who lived in Thorpe, Norwich started on the road to success when he sold his Dublo train set to buy a guitar in the late fifties. He formed the Offbeats with a group of friends and many will know that the band are regulars on the local circuit, having reformed for the Evening News’ Golden Years events back in the 90’s. Minus Pete of course who had moved to San Francisco in the 70’s.

After performing with the Offbeats, Pete went on to play with Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers and tour Britain with the likes of The Beatles and many other number one acts of the sixties. I give you all this background to set the scene that this album is no haphazard listen or product; real care has been taken to bring you a genuine piece of retro nostalgia.

Winklepickin is a collection of brand new songs written and recorded in an authentic skiffle style and probably the first skiffle record to be made in fifty years. For those who do not understand the significance of skiffle, for the want of a more drawn out explanation, it was the birth of teenage pop in the UK in the late 50’s. The album contains gems such as Hemsby Gap, The Last Train From Lowestoft and my favourite a tribute to the king of skiffle himself When Lonnie Was King. Well worth buying. Visit - Kingsley Harris

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