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Merry Skifflemas!

Big Boy Pete and Hilton Valentine

2011 .22 Records CD

1. It's Skifflemas Time
2. Silent Night
3. The Littlest Snowflake
4. Naughty Naughty Santa
5. Yo Ho Ho
6. My Old Man's a Santa
7. I Wanna

8. God Rest Ye Gerry Mulligan
9. Little Drummer Boy
10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
11. White Christmas
12. Mistletoe Medley
13. The 12 Lays of Christmas
14. Auld Lang Syne

All tracks engineered and produced by Pete Miller and Hilton Valentine at Ocean Beach studios in San Francisco between August 20 -22nd. 2011

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to listen to some of the tunes

Kelley Stoltz - drums / washboard
Steve Gornall - vocals, drums
Evangeline Mitchell - vocals
Ken "Snakebite" Jacobs - clarinet
Sean Silverman - upright bass
Luke Watson - washboard
Kent Schultz - drums

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13 by Peter Miller - P. C. Sheena Music (BMI) 2011
Track 3 - Peter Miller and Eve Mitchell - P. C. Sheena Music (BMI) 2011
Track 6 - Lonnie Donegan, Peter Buchanan, & Beverly Thorn. Additional Lyrics by Germaine Valentine - TRO-© 2011 Hollis Music, Inc.
Tracks 2, 10, 12A, 14 - Traditional. Arr. by Peter Miller and Hilton Valentine (Sheena Music BMI / Hilton Valentine Music BMI)

This album is dedicated to the memory of Mike Parish — bass player for Pete’s 1959 Skiffle Group “The Offbeats”



"SOMETHING ELSE" December 2011

Big Boy Pete and Hilton Valentine - Merry Skifflemas! (2011)

Now here’s a collaboration too good to be true: Two legendary guitarists from two legendary British bands of the early 1960s have teamed up and recorded a Christmas album!Big Boy Pete (aka Pete Miller) of Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers and Hilton Valentine from the Animals are the deranged duo behind this delightfully demented disc, which supplies a giggle at nearly every turn.

Along with the smashing original tunes heard on Merry Skifflemas! (22 Records), a series of holiday classics are remodeled, attended by tweaked verse sprinkled with references to sex, pop culture and assorted eccentricities. A piping hot rockabilly take of “Silent Night” is one of the many chestnuts roasting on an open fire featured on the album. It’s hard to decipher all the lyrics, bellowed in a cool Carl Perkins-type voice, I may add, but it sounds like there’s something in there about raining beans.

Further rockabilly grooves arise on “Mistletoe Medley,” a brisk and bubbly instrumental that seamlessly melds “Jingle Bells,” “Frosty the Snowman” and other tasty yuletide snacks into a swinging singular set before climaxing into a crashing jam. “The Twelve Lays of Christmas” is a kinky rewrite of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” while a mesmerizing treatment of “Little Drummer Boy” stirs feelings of peace and tranquility. Cribbing the melody and arrangement of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” and changing the lyrics, “God Rest Ye Gerry Mulligan” is a rib-tickling tribute to the jazz great.

Big Boy Pete and Hilton rap and strum themselves into a skiffle-induced stupor on songs such as the finger-wagging “Naughty Naughty Santa” and the supremely catchy “It’s Skifflemas Time,” where “The Littlest Snowflake” is sensitive, quiet and thoughtful.

Although skiffle is the main course served on the wickedly delicious Merry Skifflemas!, side dishes of rockabilly and beat music complete the production. Big Boy Pete and Hilton revisit their roots with affection, enthusiasm and humor, and in the end they’ve created a crackerjack of a record. These fellows make wonderful music together, so let’s hope their partnership continues and they’ll soon gift us with more rocking fun. — Beverley Paterson

"" November 2011

Ex-Animals guitarist releases Christmas album.
Former Animals guitarist Hilton Valentine has teamed up with '60s rocker Big Boy Pete (aka Pete Miller - from Peter J. and the Jaywalkers) to release a new skiffle Christmas CD called "Merry Skifflemas!". 
"Merry Skifflemas!" features 14 songs. Eight of them are originals with titles such as "My Old Man Is Santa," "Naughty Naughty Santa" and "God Rest Ye Gerry Mulligan."
According to Valentine's website, Miller and Valentine first met in 1963 when Miller was playing in Valentine's home town of Newcastle, UK.  Valentine lent Miller his Gretsch Tennessean guitar after Miller's Gretsch was stolen. Valentine was a member of the Animals during the "House of the Rising Sun" days and played with them until their breakup in 1966.
"Merry Skiffleman!" is available through Valentine's website, where you can also hear some audio clips.  —

" Dec. 2011

Could the newest thing in Christmas rock be the revival of Britain's early rock and roll sound? Animals guitarist Hilton Valentine has teamed up with Big Boy Pete Miller for Merry Skifflemas. This 12-track CD kicks off with an infectiously catchy original, "It's Skifflemas Time." Then it rolls onto such seasonal favorites as "White Christmas," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "Silent Night" and "Auld Lang Syne." All the songs are infused with the energetic beat and arrangements popularized by Lonnie Donegan that first inspired John Lennon and Paul McCartney -- as well as Valentine, whose opening riff on "House of the Rising Sun" remains one of rock's most iconic melodies.


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