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Rockin' Is My Bizness

Peter Miller

1986. .22 Records Vinyl Album
1. Bip Bop Boom
2. Flame Of Love
3. Claudine
4. Hurtin' Inside
5. Quicksand
6. Guess Things Happen That Way
7. Sunglasses After Dark
8. My Heart Is Achin' For You
9. Rosalie
10. It's Driving Me Crazy
11. Everybody's Got A Baby But Me
12. It's Late
Vocals and Guitars: Peter Miller
Upright Bass: Sean Silverman
Fender Bass: Tim Wagar
Accordion: David Merrill
Percussion: Glendon Smith
Saxophones: Steve Douglas
Backing Vocals: Roy Loney
Piano: Stu Blank, Jim Markell, David Merrill
Drums: Kenny Johnson, Rob Anderson, Kent Shultz
Produced by Marty Arbunich & Peter Miller
Recorded & mixed at Peter Miller Recording, San Francisco
Cover Design by David Barker & Marty Arbunich

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