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Play Rough

Bonney & Buzz

2012 .Double Crown Records CD

1. Perestroika
2. Wounded Knee
3. Jungle Surf
4. Swampfrog
5. The Hunter
6. Low Rider

7. Mystery Surfer
8. TeenHeat
9. Devil's Slide
10. Rampant
11. Deep Sleep
12. The Eternal Surf

All songs written by Peter Miller - P. C. Sheena Music (BMI) 2012

Engineered, produced and mastered by Pete Miller

Recorded in glorious analogue at Ocean Beach studios in San Francisco in November 2011

This album is dedicated to the memory of Diamond Jet Harris


"New Gandy Dancer magazine #108"

Here is the third and latest album (dedicated to the late Jet Harris),
from two UK guitar legends both living in the Americas. The Fentones
bassist Bill Bonney and The Jaywalkers guitar king Pete 'Buzz' Miller know exactly what they are doing and come up with a dozen valuable Pete Miller original guitar instrumentals - sixties style of course - but with a
slightly tougher edge added to them. Recorded in San Francisco, the best
cuts are the deep throated bass lead of "Mystery Surfer" and the charming
jazz feel of "Teen Heat" among a batch of melodic, high twanging, tunes
played by absolute experts in their field. * * * * (Davy Peckett)


"" August 2012

They’re back! Legendary British guitarists Bill Bonney and Pete “Buzz” Miller, who achieved fame back in the 1960s with the Fentones and Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers respectively, have indeed returned to the fore with another package of piping hot instrumentals.

Dialing in as the dynamic duo’s third collaboration, Play Rough (Double Crown Records) maintains and sustains the same unstoppable energy and enthusiasm that pervaded their previous efforts, Rock-Ola and Bang It Again!, which deservedly collected rave reviews from both fans and critics.
Comprised of all original material, written by Buzz, the album guides the listener through a crafty maze devised of thoroughly intoxicating sights and sounds.

Propelled by speedy rhythms and tooting horns, “Jungle Surf” hangs ten as a hip shaking little gem, and the rumbling sonics of “Perestrolka” is just one of many cuts that firmly exposes the telepathic relationship between Bonney and Buzz to magnetic effects.

Brimming with swinging riffs set atop a bank of biting hooks, “The Hunter” bubbles on and on with giddy grooves, while the slinky “Mystery Surfer” and the swaying “Low Rider” provide a more mellow and relaxed atmosphere.

Twangy chords collide with space age motifs on the zesty “Devil’s Slide,” where “Rampant” gallops joyfully to a boogie beat and “Eternal Surf” deftly blends traditional surf rock applications with moody bluesy licks that would flatter the pants off Robin Trower.

Ablaze with neat and nifty melodies and arrangements, “Play Rough” not only emphasizes what imaginative and flexible guitarists Bonney and Buzz are, but it also testifies what a special partnership they possess. These guys go together like hamburgers and French fries, and it’s always an event whenever they release a new record.

Stationed in similar territory as Duane Eddy, the Shadows and the Ventures, Play Rough revises the spirit of old-school instrumental rock while concurrently adding novel slopes to the mix. Fresh, fun and lively, here’s a disc rife with multiple charms. - Beverly Paterson


"" August 2012

Bonney and Buzz's Play Rough CD is advertised as Surf / Instrumental Rock. It hits on all eight cylinders in both genres plus a few more. Bonney? Buzz? If you're having an identity crisis I, for one (two if you count my imaginary evil twin), want you to keep it rockin'! Dudes, that guitar and 6-string bass sound you're serving is funfunfundamentally funtastic.

You know what I think? No? I think Play Rough is going to cross some barriers because it definitely, deliciously and defiantly crosses genres with panache and pure power.

One of the important things that makes Play Rough a fabulous CD is the remarkable talent of Peter Miller. He is a fantastic songwriter. What an incredible, imaginative mind! The other thing is the world class playing of Bonney and Buzz. Super, super abilities.

Perestroika - Like a belly dancer on speed, this will rock your bangles off. The word 'perestroika' actually means something like "restructuring" or maybe it's "hot, fast, cool music" - I don't really know for sure. I like it, though! I like the latent power!

Wounded Knee - Bonney and Buzz are getting all political on Emmy, aren't they? What with Perestroika and now Wounded Knee this chick is giving the KUDO AWARD FOR GETTING ISSUES TRANSLATED TO MUSIC. MUY PERFECTO to B&B. If you need a translation (since I almost translated the name of the last song), that means Wounded Knee has a fantastic indigenous feel to it. Big girls don't cry, but this song tugged at my heart making it go pitty pat. It is beautiful. Beautiful. Haunting. Reflective.

Jungle Surf - Once upon a time I had a buddy who would Gorilla Dance with me. We stood in the middle of old Route 66 and hooted, hollered and swung our arms as if we were huge, hairy, half-demented simians. It was great. If we'd had Jungle Surf accompanying us it would have been monumental! The way the drums and bass play off of each other is super uber righteous. And that growling sax and that drum solo and the totally bodacious coolness of it all!

Swampfrog - OHMYFROG! How did they get that frog sound going? Swampfrog is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard and I absolutely can't get enough of it! Seriously, I'm going to listen again and again because I have to ... absofroggingly have to! ... figure out that sound.

The Hunter - I'm not sure how to describe The Hunter. Is it country slash surf or surf slash pop or surf slash surf with a wink thrown in for good measure? It reminds me of a song a troubadour I met many, many years ago played for me. It was rock and roll and country and classical and I was mesmerized. The Hunter is like that. Just try to classify it. Go ahead. I dare you! Nah, I'm joking. Only Robert Conrad of that old TV show Wild Wild West can get away with that kind of punking. Come to think of it, Wild Wild West was a western that wasn't a western so maybe it fits, after all. I think The Hunter will easily cross genres and thrill crowds anywhere it's played. I'm crazy about the way that twangy bass echoes the lead. Totally cool!

Low Rider - When I'm not in my Stingray, I drive a lowered Neon. Yeah, right, I said, "Neon!" Is it any wonder I take to a song named Low Rider? Played with perfection, the heavy hand on this tune ignites the sound like a vintage Zippo ignites dynamite. It takes a lot of talent to do that, I tell you what! The bass lead is just so freakin' neat!

Mystery Surfer - Who is that drenched man? He hits the waves and cools out without missing a single beat. Part surf, part film noir, part tease, Mystery Surfer is going to be imitated a lot, but never, ever played as perfectly as Bonney and Buzz do it. The dreamy drums 'n' bass in the beginning set the stage and get me drooling like a girl with an all-day sucker.

Teenheat - Makes me wish I was a teen again, that's for certain. Peppy in a surreal sort of way, you can take this one to the beach, er, bank, er, you know what I mean, right? I love the strong backbeat and the precise timing of the guitar ... Wow!

Devil's Slide - This Devil is dragging you to places you always wanted to go, but were afraid to ask for a ride. Uber wild bass 'n' keys, drums 'n' who-knows-what-else bring Devil's Slide to a boil. It's dazzling in it's frenetic pace and more than one of you is going to swear you did that in the sixties! Mea culpa, loves. If they ever sell Devil's Slide as a diet aid, a million people will drop twenty pounds each dancing to it. Utterly fantastic.

Rampant - OMG! What guitar picking! World class! Hey, I miss this kind of tune! I really, really do! Thanks, B&B, for a trip to jazzy, swinging, watch-your-feet-or-you'll-dance-them-right-off land. P.S. I love to cut the rug. Call me, I need a swing partner to hit the boards with.

Deep Sleep - Ooooh, this is rich, like a perfect Godiva chocolate. The guitars literally melt in your brain and ooze all of the way to your toes. I'd write more but I'm going to close my eyes now and just enjoy Deep Sleep. It honestly doesn't get any better than this.

The Eternal Surf - Amazing guitar playing! Em is going out on a limb here and predicting The Eternal Surf is going to enter the annals of tradition and be played at tributes for the next hundred or more years. Extraordinary. I won't even make a quip about this song. Nope. Would be wrong to do less than say, "I'm in awe." Keep a copy for your future because sooner or later we all need a tribute to something awesome and The Eternal Surf is the tribute you're going to want.

It's hard to surprise an old broad like me, but Bonney and Buzz did a mondo terrific job by getting Emmy to do double-takes and ooohs at every corner. Great CD. Simply Great! ... by Emma Jade Gunn


"" June 2012

Bonney & Buzz have delivered yet another album filled with exquisite rock n' roll instrumentals. The duo features Bill Bonney of The Fentones ("The Mexican" and "The Breeze & I") and Pete "Buzz" Miller ("Can Can 62" and "Totem Pole"), who was also half of the popular Shig & Buzz duo. This time they go a for a darker, more menacing sound as they "play rough" with twelve original guitar and 6-string bass twangers. Guaranteed to appeal to fans of surf, instro rock and Euro-instro sounds. —


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