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Miller's Tales

Big Boy Pete

2016 - 22 Records DVD

Act 1

1. Once Upon a Tune (3:54)
2. Flicker (3:18)
3. Crazy Boy (3:23)
4. My Loyal Shadow (3:04)
5. No Limeys Left in London (8:50)
6. Get in the Car (2:43)

Act 2

7. Upside Down (3:48)
8. Wild Cards (3:02)
9. Gonna Ride My Fender (3:03)
10. Baby I Got Screwed (4.02)
11. Last Bus Out of Nashville (4:41)
12. Winnie (7:11)

NEW - DVD release ( TT-2207)


"Miller's Tales"


Another Big Boy Pete first . . . The Album of EyeTunes

A dozen new music videos that take this psychedelic icon’s world of mischief, mayhem and magic to a whole new place. This is what happens when you give Big Boy Pete a movie camera for Christmas. Consider yourself warned!

Twelve new tunes written expressly for the movie plus these Bonus Features:
No Limeys Left in London - Directors Cut (16.42)
Complete Song lyrics
The Story of Sheena Pictures
Big Boy Pete Biography

Produced, directed, filmed and performed by Big Boy Pete

FEATURE LENGTH: 62 minutes
TOTAL TIME: approx. 90 minutes
(Released March 2016)


As the man/the legend himself has admitted, “This is what happens when you give Big Boy Pete a movie camera for Christmas.” And what happens all over this 90-minute (again, as BBP sez) “album of EyeTunes” is precisely the sort of seat-o-the-pants decorum-be-gawddamned DIY-ness which has infused Peter Miller’s career ever since he built his first Warblerama guitar in late-50’s Britain before going on to create some of the farthest-out sounds this side of Syd Barrett in Joe Meek’s parlor. And now, for the first time he’s bringing his all to the small – evenlaptop screen on this DVD: Be it chicken-pickin’ his way up and down the local record emporium’s vinyl aisles (“Once Upon a Tune”), sliding the kind of solos which would make even Zoot Horn Rollo recant (“Upside Down”), or plopping Sinatra in the middle of the nearest Nirvana video (“Baby I Got Screwed by You”). The accompaniment’s always top top notch of course (e.g.: Just when one thought there couldn’t be any more wah-wah Wonderwall Music comes “No Limeys Left in London”), but the visuals also wholly live up to their tasks (“The Flicker” imagines Casinodirected by D. Lynch as opposed to M. Scorsese, while “My Loyal Shadow” displays genuine Bernard Shakey sensibilities, if you’d catch my drift). So! Call me Crazy Boy, but I for one hope we all live long enough to hear – and see – the Big Boy’s “Winnie” blanket-broadcast every 24th of January ’cross the length and breadth of that once United Kingdom in honour of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. - Gary Pig Gold


Amazing! An epic DVD of groundbreaking music and video.  - Josh Gelman (Producer| CBS News "48 Hours")

You fucking nutter keep em coming at least someone's having fun in this dull world. - Geoff Graham

I Love It!! You are a very strange man Peter Miller. - Rory McManara

Totally amazing and creatively brilliant. Where you came up with for the backdrops and other little extras I can't imagine—it is so vivid and mesmerizing. It is an amazing, totally unique package. It is so inspired and makes me want to start making songs again. - Tim Jones

What can I say - still crazy after all these years!!! Hope no-one ships you off to the Funny Farm!! - Jenny Mason-Putt

All I can say is your video is incredibly funny!  I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. - Eric Erhardt

Thanks--what fun! Still crazy after all these years...Great video effects by the way. - Ani Glaros

Thanks Pete for brightening up my world. I have shared my pleasure with others. - Geoff Wilson

That’s awesome! - Jake Knuth

Loving your video album ! I posted "Crazy Boy" on my friends will love it. - Michael P Moore

Well, you sure made my day! FANTASTIC! I'm laughing from joy! Keep the cool tunes happening! - Beverly Paterson

Saxophone playing by mouth is incredible. Loved the video and song. - Reenam Jam

I believe you are bloody insane! - Eric Kauschen

One of the best things I've seen in awhile!! Great job with that green screen. Congrats on a cool unique release! - Chris Zajkowski

“Crazy Boy” – looks like you’re feeling pretty good these days! - Bob Forgione

You skipped the light fan-dangle and foxtrotted cross the floor. You have a funny affect on me. - James Lambert-Nash

Your Miller’s Tales DVD, well done – if I’d been given a camera for Christmas there’s no way I could have achieved all the trickery that you have! - Alan (Pipeline Magazine)
Miller's Tales, for which we must express the utmost gratitude, we are duly pleased and impressed with what thee hath wrought. - Donald Fillius

Fab!! WooHooHoo indeed. - Peter Kohman

I don’t know where you get the energy. All very artistic. - Roger Robinson

Cool. - Michael Molenda

Awesome. - C J Allen

That boy always had wonderful legs!. - Harvey Platt

Hi Pete nice to get that I can't stop humming it. It in my head now. U crazy fool. - Charlotte Parfitt

Top video..  loved it !! - Mark Davey

You haven’t changed a bit...still got great legs. - Annie Howes




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