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Big Boy Pete
2010 .22 Records CD

01 Bark One Var 2
02 Bark Four Var 1
03 Bark One Var 1
04 Bark Five Var 1
05 Bark Two
06 Bark Four Var 4
07 Bark One Var 3

08 Bark Six Var 2
09 Bark One Var 4
10 Bark Five Var 2
11 Bark Three
12 Bark One Var 6
13 Largo
14 America

Tracks 1 - 12 by Peter Miller and J.S. Bach

Track 13 by Peter Miller and Antonin Dvorak

Track 14 by Peter Miller, Dvorak and Holst

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to listen to a medley of some of the tunes


Guitar & Bass - Pete Miller
Piano - Paul Gunnell
Drums - Clive Monen

All tracks engineered and produced by Big Boy Pete at his Ocean Beach studio in San Francisco.

The piano, bass and drums were recorded in mono at the Washington Club (Norwich, England) in 1966.

This album is dedicated to Roy Dashwood.



"Twist and Shake Record Reviews" July 2010

BIG BOY PETE “Bark!” (22 Records)
To quote the Grateful Dead, “what a long strange trip it has been” for Big Boy Pete aka Pete Miller. Or is it Pete Miller aka Big Boy Pete? In any event, this marvelous multifaceted musician has been around forever, meaning since the days of the British Invasion when he enjoyed his first blush of success with The Jaywalkers. So here it is, nearly fifty years later, and he’s still making great music. Big Boy Pete’s latest effort, “Bark!” is something of a tribute to JS Bach. What he did was write twelve new original melodies and infuse them with six preludes initially composed by the famed classical artist all those many years ago. But instead of copying what JS Bach created, Big Boy Pete adds a real quirky twist to the brew. Choppy instrumentals, charged with tingly hooks, anchored by a guitar and piano, man the sessions. Also included on “Bark!” is a fourteen minute guitar workout of Dvorak’s “New World Symphony,” which further features the calm and peaceful sound of a waterfall. One never knows what to expect next from Big Boy Pete, but you can always bet it is cool, interesting and stamped with his own special unique imprint. Playful and clever, “Bark!” is a must have for those who crave an alternative to the alternative. - Beverly Paterson

"New Gandy Dancer" - August 2010

BIG BOY PETE “Bark!” (22 Records) He of Shig & Buzz and Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers, Peter Miller always comes up with interesting and highly listenable guitar instrumental sets. This time - and it's been 30 years since the great Ventures "Joy" album - it's a classical setting with Pete playing along to the compositions of Bach (hence Bark!), Dvorak and Holst with a twist. 14 tracks including the rain-soaked "Largo", the concept is original guitar, gentle melodies played alongside Bach preludes on tracks that actually emanate from the 1970s. Very clever actually. - Davy Pecket

"Pipeline" - August 2010

BIG BOY PETE “Bark!” (22 Records) The first 12 tracks on this CD by the ex-Jaywalker find him embellishing six Bach preludes, each lasting just 1 1/2 - 2 minutes with piano and brushed drums accompanying Pete's clean electric guitar lead. Largo runs 15 minutes, it's from Dvorak's New World Symphony and here his solo guitar is accompanied by only the sound of a waterfall. The album is completed by a dramatic intro to the first song Pete wrote on his arrival in America in 1972. - Alan Taylor

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