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Bang It Again!
Bonney & Buzz
2008. Double Crown Records CD

1 Amazing Grace (John Newton/ J S Bach)
2 Goofin' Around (Frank Beecher)
3 Cast Your Fate Mix (Vince Guaraldi)
4 The Green Leaves of Summer (D. Tiomkin)
5 Bad Penny Blues (Humphrey Lyttelton)
6 Czardas (Vittorio Monti)
7 Last Date (Floyd Cramer)
8 El Bimbo (Claude Morgan)
9 Can Can (Jacques Offenbach)
10 Honky Tonk (Doggett/Shepherd/Scott/Butler)
11 Swinging Shepherd Blues (Moe Koffman)
12 The Breeze and I (Ernesto Lecuona)
13 Blue Monk (Thelonius Monk)
14 The Stumble (Freddie King)
15 Raunchy (Bill Justis)
16 F.B.I (Peter Gormley)
17 Along Came Linda (Duane Eddy)

Guitars - Pete "Buzz" Miller
Fender Bass - Bill Bonney
Special guest: Chris Earl (drums)
Keyboards - David Merrill
Drums - Rob Anderson, Kent Shultz
Bass - Glendon Smith, Tim Wager
Tenor Sax - Ray Moseley, Tony Perez
Background vocals - The Clapper Sisters

All tracks engineered and produced by Big Boy Pete at his Ocean Beach studio in San Francisco.

This album is dedicated to the Cat on the Barrel.



"REVERB CENTRAL" review Phil Dirt

There may be only one surf instro here, but Peter "Buzz" Miller and Bill Bonney surf can cut a tune. Both men have deep roots in British instros. This is a set of covers that they just wanted to do. Very good! Track by Track Review

Amazing Grace
Country Rock (Instrumental)

This is a countrified rendering of "Amazing Grace," with slide guitar, and the break is lifted from Bach's "Joy Of Man's Desiring," and it's a perfect fit.

Goofin' Around
Country Rock (Instrumental)

"Goofin' Around" is a very fun and classic fifties country/rockabilly boogie done with flair and genuine style. Aside from the exquisite recording, you'd swear it was cut in 1956. Bill Haley and the Comets would be proud.

Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Country Rock (Instrumental)

Vince Guaraldi's glorious "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" is done with charming reverence and sultry tremolo. This is simply a joy to hear. Easy, pretty, and very endearing.

The Green Leaves Of Summer
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Dimitri Tiomkin's theme is done in a light hearted fashion that compliments its intent. Very nicely done.

Bad Penny Blues
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Humphrey Lyttelton's "Bad Penny Blues" is a mono track with subtle stereo ambient reverb to spread it out. Innocent, fun, spirited, and exquisitely played.

Easy Listening (Instrumental)

With a traditional Mediterranean rhythm and guitar sound, Vittorio Monti's "Czardas" eases you into an afternoon on holiday in Italy. Pretty and gentle. It speeds up towards the end for a bit of a lift.

Last Date
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Floyd Cramer's lagging piano style made his "Last Date" a super hit. The slither into the note that Floyd used on his piano is liquidly replicated on guitar. Wah wah in the middle gives it an easy quirkiness. The guitar is simply liquid.

El Bimbo
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Claude Morgan's "El Bimbo" is a gentle number with a film score feel. It's fluid and very easy on the ears.

Can Can
Rock (Instrumental)

This classic tune is done with great regard for The Jaywalkers did it 40 years ago. More or less mono, except spatial reverb, "Can Can" nonetheless really charms. It's innocent, rockin' in the early British instro way, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Honky Tonk
Blues (Instrumental)

"Honky Tonk" is one of those timeless songs that doesn't need to be spit polished to please. The precision and liquid slither of Peter Miller's playing makes this shine!

Swinging Shepherd Blues
Easy Listening (Instrumental)

Swimming is spatial reverb, Moe Kauffman's "Swinging Shepherd Blues" saunters through the air with a gentle liquid sound. Very nicely done.

The Breeze And I
Rock (Instrumental)

Ernesto Lacuona's classic "The Breeze and I" is done in a very fresh arrangement. A catchy rhythm track and long slushy guitar lines give it a lush and bouncing sound. This is infectious and compelling.

Blue Monk
Country (Instrumental)

Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk"moves along as if it was written as a country tune. Slithery and warm, you'd never suspect its jazz roots. The sax break is saucy and fifties R&B cool.

The Stumble
Blues (Instrumental)

Part of British R&B band sets forever, and made famous by Dave Edmunds' Love Sculpture, Bonney and Buzz have taken Freddie King's "The Stumble" into an entirely different corner with their liquidy playing. Really nice.

Rock (Instrumental)

"Raunchy" is another of those classic instros that's very durable. Bill Justis' classic song sounds as if it was inspired by Duane Eddy via the guitar twang and sax. This is sultry cool vintage rock'n'roll.

Rock (Instrumental)

Semi-goofy keys pump behind The Shadows' "F.B.I." for a different sound. tremolo shimmer adds an aquatic feel. Frothy and bouncy, with very tasteful and inventive arrangement nuances. This really grows on you.

Along Came Linda
Surf (Instrumental)

Duane Eddy's "Along Came Linda" is soft and lush, liquidy in a pretty darn surf manner, and romantic in a solo guitar way. The guitar is reverbed and echoed all across the spectrum for a full and wide sound. Just beautiful!

Reverb Central - PO Box 1609, Felton, CA 95018-1609 USA

"Twist & Shake" review by Beverly Paterson

A few years ago, Bonney & Buzz's debut album, "Rock-Ola," arrived in the bins and garnered rave reviews far and wide. So how wonderful it is they have returned to the fore, armed with another collection of sharp and stimulating instrumentals slice of a vintage stripe. Spiffy licks parallel to those of The Shadows, Buddy Holly and Duane Eddy flourish everywhere on "Bang It Again!," while at the same time a distinctive identity is forged. Standards such as "Cast Your Fate To The Wind," "Amazing Grace," "Blue Monk" and "The Green Leaves Of Summer" are executed with immediate expression. The sound is deep and rich, and the rhythms shift, sway and swing with utter coolness. Skilled performers Bonney and Buzz are, as they both played in noted British bands of the early sixties. Bassist Bill Bonney was in The Fentones and guitar maestro Pete Miller (aka Buzz) was in Peter Jay and The Jaywalkers and The News prior to embarking on a solo career, that has to date, fathered a bevy of brilliant musings. "Bang It Again!" stands as a fine example of what happens when two gifted guys get together to make music that is dear to their hearts.


Pipeline Magazine review by Alan Taylor

Pipeline Instrumental Revue #77 - Summer 2008


Bill Bonney (The Fentones) and Peter "Buzz" Miller (The Jaywalkers) impressed with their first joint effort Rock-Ola (see Pipeline 70) and are back now to Bang It Again! Having first delivered an all original set, this time around they turn their attention to 17 hits from the days when instrumentals
still meant something in the music business.

"Amazing Grace" was a tune that Buzz learned on his very first guitar, it may seem an unlikely opener but the guys rock it up a treat with a pumping beat and slip a Bach prelude in as the break.
"Goofin' Around", from Bill Haley & The Comets, is another rocker with Buzz tearing it up and Bonney banging away at his upright bass.
I can't remember another guitar version of "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" but it works well with driving passages between the the sensibly retained creamy strings of the Sounds Orchestral version.
"The Green Leaves Of Summer" gets a galloping rhythm and some fabulous dramatic guitar embellishments from Buzz, if The Alamo was remade as a spaghetti western then Dimitri Tiompkin's score could be heading this way.
There's a nod to trad jazz with "Bad Penny Blues" where Buzz's searing, sawing guitar sounds like a fuzz violin in places, and then "Czardas" gets a refreshing arrangement with the lead played on acoustic guitar.
A pretty "Last Date" and dramatic "El Bimbo" with it's flowing electric guitar take us on to The Jaywalkers' hit
Anyone would be on to a loser in trying to recreate the excitement of the original Can Can 62, and sensibly,
Bonney & Buzz don't try. "Can Can" has keyboards and no saxes but the coda does add an effective final flourish.
They also give "The Breeze & I" a twist with a ska-like organ stabs behind a fabulous lead, rather a shame because that guitar is soooo tasty.
"Honky Tonk" swings rather jazzily as, less surprising, do
"Swinging Shepherd Blues" and Thelonius Monk's "Blue Monk" before a lovely lowdown dirty take on Freddy King's "The Stumble" and an excellent pulsing "Raunchy".
Can you imagine a 7 1/2 minute version of of "F.B.I". ? No neither could I, but the guys pull it off with a range of guitar sounds including a six-string bass solo from Bill.
Finally Pete provides a neat closer with a lovely unaccompanied version of Duane Eddy's "Along Came Linda". You'll love it, and I'm sure Duane will be moved too.
It's a fine end to an excellent album that should prove even more popular than Rock-Ola
Alan Taylor 

Guitar Player Magazine Oct. 2208

Bonney & Buzz - Bang It again. If you love early '60s-style instrumental twang-pop with just the right touch of kitsch, played beautifully on vintage instruments, and recorded old school, you can't miss with this brilliant disc, featuring guitarist Pete "Buzz" Miller (a.k.a. Big Boy Pete). Barry Cleveland


British rock veterans Pete "Buzz" Miller and Bill Bonney have released their second album of guitar instrumentals, entitled Bang It Again! via the Double Crown label. The album includes a new version of "Can Can," which Pete Miller originally recorded with the Jaywalkers and "The Breeze and I," which Bill Bonney originally recorded with the Fentones, as well as 15 other instrumentals. Chris Earl of the Squires of the Subterrain makes a guest appearance on drums. ( /


Pete "Buzz" Miller's latest project is Bang It Again (Double Crown DCCD29), with bassist Bill Bonney, a lovingly played and recorded tribute to the U.K.'s instrumental beat era. The CD by Bonney & Buzz echoes the style of the times while remaining fun and timeless. "The songs we chose are our desert-island tracks. I tried to select tunes not done to death by instro bands - many are traditional keyboard pieces. The guitars were me '62 Olympic White Fender Strat, a '58 Gibson ES350T, and of course Henry and Henrietta - '62 and '66 Gretsch Anniversaries. The signal went to two amps, a '59 3X10 Fender Bandmaster and a '64 Fender Deluxe Reverb, each mic'ed with a Shure SM57 and recorded to its own track. No compression or equalization was added during recording. Bill played a '68 Telecaster Bass, a '90's Fender VI, and a 1960 Danelectro Longhorn six-string bass with flatwounds. Echo was supplied by a Binson Echorec, a Watkins Copycat, and half a dozen various spring-reverb units.


20th Century Guitar & Music Web Express - January 2009

DOUBLE CROWN RECORDS - Washington state based Double Crown Records is one of the finest instrumental rock and roll imprints in the world and one of their coolest CD releases of 2008 is the second album from Bonney & Buzz featuring guitarist Pete “Buzz” Miller and Fender bass ace Bill Bonney. Recorded in 2007/08 Bang It Again! finds the R.I. duo pulling out all the stops on an instrumental rock and roll album that recalls Miller’s early travels as a guitarist in England back in the ‘60s. Back in his homeland Miller grew up around giants like Hank B. Marvin of The Shadows and was equally influenced by U.S. groups such as The Ventures and early instro rocker Duane Eddy. Miller’s guitar sensibilities are right on throughout the 17 track Bang It Again! Highlights include rock instros of beautiful music classics like “Cast Your Fate To The Wind,” “The Breeze And I” and even Thelonious Monk’s “Blue Monk,” a jazz classic given the Miller guitar treatment here. Shades of early Hank and the Shadows abound though clearly, after hearing this excellent CD, Miller is overdue for some name recognition himself. All in all Bang It Again! revives the guitar instro sound with a fresh perspective and solid playing by Miller, Bonney and all the fine players backing them up.

Cri-de Coyote - January 2009

BONNEY & BUZZ : Bang it Again !Qui sont les membres de ce duo instrumen-tal ? Deux Britanniques d"origine, Bill Bonney, ex-bassiste des Fentones de Shane Fenton, et Pete Buzz Miller, guitariste connu sous le nom de Big Boy Pete, parti aux USA dans les 70"s. Il s"agit de leur 2eme album, renforces par des in-vites, pour la marque americaine Double Crown, specialisee dans le surf instrumental. Au vu des morceaux qui le composent, on pourrait presu-mer, qu"hormis les reprises des Goofi n! around des Comets (avec une intro tres Twenty fl ight rock) Honky tonk de Bill Doggett (bien rock"n"roll) Raunchy de Bill Justis, F.B.i. des Shadows et Along came Linda de Duane Eddy, le reste ne va etre que de la variete. Et c"est la que resident les bonnes surprises : Amazing grace est traite a la maniere rock"n"roll dont Johnny & Hurricanes reprenaient d"anciens ti-tres, le Can can d"Offenbach, rocke bien aussi, de meme que The breeze & I ou The stumble de Freddie King. Le reste, comme Cast your fate to the wind ou The green leaves of summer, releve plus du style Shadows/ Ventures.
Double Crown, PO Box 4336 Bellingham WA 98227-4336

Rock Beat International - December 2009 - by Gary Pig Gold

"Big Boy" Pete Buzz Miller and Bill Bonney, veterans of such pioneering Anglo beat combos as the Fentones and Peter Jay's Jaywalkers, "breathe new fire into their Sixties hits plus fifteen versions of the best instrumentals ever recorded," to quote the CD's rear tray card, on this, their second full-length collaboration.

And what an ultra-fab, fret-popping joy this is! A perfect chance to reacquaint one's ears - or, ideally, meet for the first time - such timeless works as Vince Guaraldi's "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" for starters. Likewise, tracks such as "Goofing' Around", ace guitarist Frank Beecher's showpiece in Bill Haley's comets, or Floyd Cramer's "Last Date" demonstrate just how yesteryear's instrumental creations often displayed melodic invention which far out-strips today's most adventurous vocal extravaganzas.

The arrangements and playing throughout Bang It Again! is supremely tasteful and evocative, though never over-reverently so. For example, Buzz's wickedly J. Pagesque slide all over "Bad Penny Blues," the crazed Hungarian double-time which concludes "Czardas" or the utterly cracked take on the classic "Can Can" herein which wouldn't sound one note out of place on your favorite Rockpile B-side, believe-you-me.

Of course, no such collection of wordless wonders could be considered complete without dipping into the low plains of the spaghetti-est western ("The Green Leaves Of Summer," El Bimbo"), but B 'n' B actually take things even further out there with a more-than-credible stab at Thelonius Monk's "Blue Monk". And no two Brit guitar slingers can leave the room without paying due tribute to the ripping twang of that magnificent B. Holly-spectacled Hank B. Marvin; hence, a grand (seven-minute-plus!) rendition of the Shadows' post-skiffle masterpiece "F.B.I"

"Why did Bonney & Buzz choose these particular tunes for "Bang It Again!?" the liner notes ask. "A song can evoke a memory. It will take you back to a specific time and place, a particular event in your life which is etched in your mind. It awakens every time you hear that song. You see the place, feel the person, smell the day. The scene is forever burned into your memory." And on this disc,, Pete and Bill conjure many a future recollection for us all as well.

Truly then, too cool for words.



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