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Through The Back Door

Big Boy Pete

2013 - 22 Records CD

1. Party Time
2. Lazy Susan
3. Evangeline
4. Gypsy Queen
5. C'Mon Simone
6. Jazzdream

7. Bonaparte's Retreat
8. Avec Cuckoo
9. Dixie Darlin
10. Mona
11. Marie Laveau
12. Je T'Aime N'Orleans

All songs written by Peter Miller except -
Lazy Susan and Gypsy Queen by Peter Miller and Derek Shepherd
and Bonaparte's Retreat by Pee Wee King

P. C. Sheena Music (BMI) 2013

Engineered, produced and mastered by Big Boy Pete

Recorded at Union Street Studios in San Francisco.

Keyboards - David Merrill
Saxes - Steve Douglas, Benjamin Bossi
Accordian - Johnny Tarbet, David Merrill
Guitars - Pete Miller and David "Doc" West
Lyricon - Geoff Alderman
Mandola - Fergus Feeley
Violin - John Caulfield
Acoustic Guitar - Rory McNamara
Washboard - Luke Watson
Upright Bass - Sean Silverman
Fender Bass - Tim Wagar
Drums - Kent Schultz, Kenny Dale Johnson, Shigemi Komiyama, Rob Anderson
Backing Vocals - Derek Shepherd, Steve Gornall, C.C. Miller



"Something Else Reviews" July 2013

If there is one musician on earth capable of playing every style under the sun, moon and stars, it’s Pete Miller aka Big Boy Pete.

Having been a member of Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, who were a fave rave in England back in the 60s, Pete subsequently launched a solo career, which continues to this day. The singer, songwriter and master of mounds of instruments, has also collaborated with a number of cool folks, including Squires of the Subterrean, Bill Bonney from the Fentones and Hilton Valentine of the Animals.

To date, Big Boy Pete has released countless albums, traveling anywhere from rockabilly to psychedelic exploration to guitar instrumentals to cute and cuddly pop. Here on his latest treasure, Through The Back Door (22 Records), he embraces the festive fumes of Zydeco music, shadowed by wickedly good rocking beats and arrangements.

Containing nothing but thigh-slapping, feet-tapping tunes, the disc bestows such a carefree and happy tenor that even the most cynical person will be transformed into a joyous being by its cheery demeanor. Awash with waltzing accordions, pinging piano expeditions and Chuck Berry meets Hank Marvin six-string licks, Through The Back Door is party central all the way. The vocals skip and spring with zeal and zest, and the melodies are taut and spicy.

Select gems heard on Through The Back Door involve the collectively catchy “Gypsy Queen,” “Dixie Darling,” “Je Taime N’Orleans“ and “Lazy Susan,” as well as the silly and quirky “Avec Cuckoo” and the swinging rhythms of “Mona,” which sounds like a bopping blend of Lawrence Welk and Bill Haley and the Comets.

Piloted by creativity, originality and tons of fun, Through The Back Door carries both a universe appeal and timeless quality, making it a stone cold classic. Slip on your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie! - Beverly Paterson

"Popdiggers" also in "New York Waste" Jan. 2014, Oct. 2014

Wherein my all-time favo(u)rite renegade recording legend ends up… well, in his own well-chosen-as-always words, “penetrated by a trip deep into the bayou backwoods, accompanied by a pure white alligator (Patoi Polly) and a case of Jax.” In other words, where and how else could one possibly expect to hear classic Fats D. by way of DE7 Edmunds, Willie Nelson going almost wholly Nash-pop, and/or Elvis Costello’s Attractions in some strange cage match with NRBQ (refereed by none other than the below-mentioned Johnny Dowd to boot)?!! Add a solid past of Blasters, Jerry Reed, Duane Eddy and even a few Thai flutes to gum up the Big Boy’s audio gumbo and the result is a half-hour slip down the not-so-Big Easy that is often every bit as much ZZydeco Top as it is Gator Hammock Swamp Mustard. Strictly audio-gastronomically speaking, that is.

Oh! And it’s still not too late to not miss the latest in that long and wind-up series of Pete / Subterrain Squire collaborations, Hitmen, either. - Gary "Pig" Gold




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